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Name Phone
Adventures in Paradise, Inc. Fishing & Charter Guides, Shelling & Snorkeling Day Trips, Dolphin Watch Cruises, Sealife Encounter Excursions ... and more! 239-472-8443 239-437-1660
Captain Randy's Fishy Business Charters,  Located at Tween Waters, Captiva Island.  Kid-friendly dolphin watches & snorkeling trips, plus breakfast and lunch trips to Cabbage Key, Useppa and Boca Grande.


Captain Jim Burnsed 239-472-1779
Captain Andy Boyette, Go Fish Charters, Inc. 239-769-1582
Captain Joe Burnsed 239-472-8658
  Captain John Carpentino, "Duzzi Beats II" 239-472-8443
Captain Bob Carneal 239-472-0982
Captain Dave Case 239-472-2798
Captain Ted Cole 239-472-2723
Captain Joe Costanzo 239-472-4765
Captain Chris Dotson 239-395-9647
Captain Dominic 239-472-9155
Captain Skip Dunn 239-472-3841
Captain Mike Fuery 239-466-3649
Captain John Gaffney 239-472-5799
Captain Fritz Gisewhite 239-472-5385
Captain B.W. Holloway, Sr 239-472-2802
Captain Kevin Koughan 239-472-4875
Captain Ozzie Lessinger 239-472-9074
Captain Pat Lovetro 239-472-2723
Captain Randall Marsh "Tight Lines" 239-472-8443
Captain Rob Modys SoulMate Charters, Inc. Fishing, Sight Seeing & Shelling Charters. Specializing in Tarpon Fishing Charters 17544 Lebanon Road, Fort Myers, FL 33912 239-851-1242
Captain Jess Messmer "Mezzmerized Charters" 239-472-8443
Captain Alex Payne 239-472-2723
Captain Betty Reed 239-472-4547
Captain Joyce Rehr 239-472-3308
Captain Neville Robeson 239-472-2723
Captain Bob Sabatino 239-472-1451
Captain Duke Sells 239-472-5462
Captain Jerry Way 239-472-1007
 Captain Michael Weingart, "Bush Doctor" 239-472-8443





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