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Q: I'm staying at a resort with no beach access. How can I get to the beach ?

A: There are several public access points on the island. They Are:

Causeway Beaches Free Parking
Lighthouse Beach $.75 per hour, $5.00 per day
Algier's Beach $.75 per hour, $5.00 per day
Tarpon Bay Beach $.75 per hour, $5.00 per day
Bowman's Beach $.75 per hour, $5.00 per day
Turner Beach (Blind Pass) $.75 per hour, $5.00 per day
Captiva Beach Free

All these beaches have public restrooms, but no showers. Ask the front desk of your resort for directions to the closest public beach.

Q: Where can I ride my bicycle ?

A: Sanibel Island has 26 miles of bicycle paths stretching from one end of the island to the other. Florida law requires all riders 16 and under to wear a bicycle helmet. Sanibel Online recommends ALL riders wear a helmet.


Q: I just found a live shell, can I keep it ?

A: No, Sanibel law prohibits the taking of any live shell, Starfish, or Sand Dollar. The fines are large, and each shell taken is one less that can produce more in the future.


Q: Where can I see an Alligator ?

A: Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge is your best bet to see Alligators, and many other wild animals. Please do not feed the Alligators. It is against the law, and the Alligator will be destroyed by the authorities.


Q: I've heard the bugs are bad in Florida, is this true ?

A: Unfortunately, Mosquitoes and "No See Ums" love it here as much as you. They can become a problem as the sun goes down. Many insect repellents will work and are available at most island stores. Also, Avon's (New!) Skin-So-Soft. Bug Repellant.

Q: I've got a boat, where can I find a Ramp ?

A: There are several boat ramps around the islands. The City runs a ramp on the Sanibel Side of the Causeway. This ramp cost $4.00 and parking is available. There are also several marinas on the island with boat ramps.

The Castaways Marina 6460 Sanibel-Captiva Rd (at Blind Pass) 239-472-1112
McCarthy's Marina 15041 Captiva Dr (Captiva) 239-472-5200
South Seas Plantations Yacht Harbor South Seas Plantation 239-472-5111
Sanibel Marina 634 N. Yachtsman Drive 239-472-2723
Tween' Waters Inn Marina Captiva Rd 239-472-5161


Q: What about the weather ?

A: Sanibel Island's weather is very typical for Florida. Our winters are mild with cool nights and warm days. Our summers are hot and humid. Afternoon thunder showers are common in the summer, and we are in a high lightning strike area. At the first signs of a storm you should leave the water and get off the beach. Use these times to visit the great shops on our Island.

To see the current radar picture of the island, visit Sanibel Online's Weather page

Q: What should I pack ?

A: Our outdoor lifestyle translates to informal, casual attire. Shorts and sandals are accepted Island attire. Our restaurants are also casual, none require a jacket or tie. Other items you will be sure to want to include are Suntan Lotion, Bug spray, a hat, and large beach towels. (most resorts do not have beach towels available)

If you have further questions, contact us at info@sanibel-online.com or, you can visit the Sanibel Online Message Forum




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