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Upon arriving on Sanibel Island, Ponce De Leon named it "Costa de Carocles" - Coast of Seashells. Nothing could better describe the shell rich beaches waiting for you.

With over 400 species of shells, Sanibel beaches are considered the best shelling beaches in North America. These shells wash up on Sanibel beaches because unlike other barrier islands which run North to South, Sanibel runs East to West.

Winter is the best time for shelling on the islands. Winter storms help push the shells along the shallow plateau of sand along the Gulf of Mexico and deposit them along the beaches for you to find. Shelling is usually best 2 hours prior to low tide. Walking a zigzag pattern from the low to high tide mark will produce the best finds.

If you wish to visit the outer islands, a local
Charter Captain can help you. These captains will take you to North Captiva and Cayo Costa which can only be visited via boat.

Shell collecting has caused a scarcity of many shells such as the big Horse Conchs. Other rare native shells are the Sundial, Junonia, Nutmeg, Scotch Bonnet, Lion's Paw and many others. To obtain these shells, you may need to purchase one at any of the shell shops on the island.

Live shell collecting is ~illegal~ on the Islands! This includes shells, Star Fish, and Sand Dollars. It is also illegal to take live shells from the State Park at Cayo Costa and other areas of Lee County.

We've started a collection of Shell Photos & we are looking for submissions to make this grow.

The Sand Dollar is not only a beautiful shell, it also has an interesting legend attracted to it. Please follow this Link and learn more about it.





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