Book Cover Shark River
by Randy Wayne White

On a working vacation to Guava Key, marine biologist Doc Ford notices two female joggers who follow the same route at the same time every day. He can't help thinking how easy it would be for a predator to become aware of them, too. As it turns out, he isn't the only one. There seem to be more and more predators these days. Forced to step in, Ford finds himself involved in a story of intrigue and revenge that becomes more dangerous with every turn-and some of them hit pretty close to home. Add to that a Bahamian relative he never knew he had, a letter leading to a treasure that may or may not exist, and some past history that becomes very alarmingly present, and his life has suddenly become very complicated. Not to mention the prospect of his death. . . . Filled with crackling power and atmosphere, and some of the best suspense characters in fiction, Shark River is a triumph of storytelling.

Book Cover Ten Thousand Islands
by Randy Wayne White

Florida marine biologist Doc Ford returns in an electrifying novel of new murder, and old. Fifteen years before, in the labyrinth of mangrove, sawgrass, and swamp called the Ten Thousand Islands, off Florida's Gulf coast, a fifteen-year-old girl with a gift for finding things unearthed a four-hundred-year-old gold medallion, a relic of the Calusa Indians. Then she began having nightmares. And then she was found hanging from the limb of a tree. An accident, ruled the coroner, but now Doc Ford isn't so sure. Strange things have been happening recently, the girl's mother tells him. Her home has been broken into; the phone rings and there's no one there; and, worst of all, her daughter's grave has been dug up. Someone suddenly wants that medallion--but why, and why now? The search for the answers will lead Ford into a labyrinth of another kind, a maze of ancient ritual and modern greed, and, finally, to a place of infinite evil. . . This is the Seventh Doc Ford Novel.

Book Cover Mangrove Coast
by Randy Wayne White

Ford is working quietly in his lab at Dinkin's Bay when he receives a late night phone call from his uncle, Tucker Gatrell (a memorable character in The Man Who Invented Florida). The daughter of an old friend of Ford's needs to ask a favor: the fact that her father has been dead for more than a dozen years makes no difference to Ford. The answer, of course, is yes. The problem: The girl's beautiful mother has disappeared, perhaps taken-in by one of the many small time sexual predators who surf the internet chat rooms. Or maybe, just maybe, this predator is not so small time after all. The trail leads Ford and Tucker Gatrell to Colombia and finally the Panama Canal Zone where Ford learns that the Communist Chinese have bought their way into complete control of the world's most important shipping conduit. The ending of The Mangrove Coast has been called one of the most shocking in mystery fiction. This is the Sixth Doc Ford Novel.

Book Cover North of Havana
by Randy Wayne White

Randy Wayne White's 5th Doc Ford Novel Takes Doc to Havana, where a friend is being held by the Cuban government. Still haunted by his suspected involvement in a plot against Castro, Ford leaves Florida and ventures to Cuba--where he finds himself entangled in a web of murder, revenge, and assassination.


Book Cover Captiva
by Randy Wayne White

Florida fisheries have been dwindling. Something must be done... the state is going to act and people are taking sides, protecting their interests. Doc Ford has the clear picture of the situation, but even his friends hold that against him. He must go to the "bottom of the earth" to find justice for a deadly deed resulting from the commercial net fishing ban. This is the Fourth Doc Ford Novel.

Book Cover Man Who Invented Florida
by Randy Wayne White

Tuck Gatrell has found the fountain of youth in a corner of his ranch in the Ten Thousand Islands of the Florida Everglades. But to prove it to the world, he needs the help of the last of the Calusa Indians, the man who wrote The Orange Blossom Special, and his nephew Doc Ford. This is the third Doc Ford Novel

Book Cover The Heat Islands
by Randy Wayne White

An unpopular marina owner is found face down in the bay providing a home for crabs and one of the fishing guides has been jailed for the crime. Doc Ford sets out to prove his friend's innocence. Second Doc Ford novel.


Book Cover





Sanibel Flats
by Randy Wayne White

There's a murder committed on a deserted mangrove island on Florida's west coast . Doc Ford must return to mountain camps of armed guerillas in Central America to save a friend's young boy. This is the First Doc Ford Novel.


Book Cover The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua
by Randy Wayne White

Whether he's engaging in aerial combat or riding an Ididarod sled, Randy Wayne White is one of America's most adventurous travelers. He studies antiterrorist driving techniques, dives for golf balls in a pond at a country club, hunts his fellow man with a paint gun, ice fishes for walleye with X-ray-stunned nightcrawlers, and poaches Panamanian crocodiles or goes pig shooting in the Australian outback. With self-effacing optimism, White captures the joys and fears of wandering the earth's surface with an eclectic cast of weirdo fellow travelers a frog that won't jump, a group of expatriate Brits who've developed an interesting cure for road jaundice, and even a mad Australian scientist. Though he rarely finds what he's looking for such as the legendary landlocked bull sharks of Nicaragua, or the secret to successful winter fishing on a Minnesota lake he develops a Zenlike passion for the means and a rare ability to revel in the rib-aching humor of each exotic trip. In the end, White leaves the reader mesmerized by the potential of undiscovered places and the promise of endless adventure in unfamiliar territory, from Florida to Bangkok to Borneo, and everywhere in between. An icon to the new breed of thick-skinned, high-endurance adventure travelers of the 1990s, Randy White uniquely extols the pleasures of being alone and on the move.


Book Cover Batfishing in the Rainforest : Strange Tales of Travel & Fishing
by Randy Wayne White

The author of the popular "Out There" column in Outside magazine offers a collection of his best work: an engrossing mixture of adventure, hilarity, and spirit in which he reveals his life of sun, boats, work, and sport.



Book Cover





Six Mornings on Sanibel
by Charles Sobczak



Book Cover



*From The Webmaster's Collection!

Gift From the Sea*
by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

A modern-day classic. "Gift from the Sea is like a shell itself in its small and perfect form . . . It tells of light and life and love and the security that lies at the heart."--New York Times Book Review.




Book Cover 100% Pure Florida Fiction : An Anthology
by Susan Hubbard (Editor), Robley Wilson (Editor)





Book Cover



The Wild Heart of Florida : Florida Writers on Florida's Wildlands
by Jeff Ripple

Eighteen of Florida's best-loved writers here share with you their affection for Florida's wild side--the beautiful heart of a state under siege from development. Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White, Al Burt, Patrick Smith, the late Archie Carr, and others evoke a Florida thick with pinewoods, alligators, and palmetto scrub; ribboned by miles of coast and dune; blessed with backcountry lakes, rivers, creeks, and springs. Strip malls and concrete cannot tame this wild Florida, but they can kill it. These essays offer passionate argument why that should not be allowed to happen. Coming from a variety of backgrounds--fiction, journalism, poetry, and environmental writing--the writers turn their talents to one thing they have in common--a love for Florida's natural beauty and a commitment to preserve it. Their essays--some old favorites, most appearing here for the first time--are both a celebration and a pointed reminder of what we stand to lose. Many of the areas singled out (the Lake Wales Ridge, the Panhandle's Topsail Hill, Goethe State Forest, and Tampa's Brooker Creek) were purchased through Florida's Preservation 2000, one of the nation's foremost land acquisition programs. All royalties from the book are being donated to the Florida chapter of The Nature Conservancy.




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